понеделник, февруари 25, 2008

United By Fate


Very Niceeee...



At 2:09 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

Igor: Sea kje izedam malku gomca, koa i da otidam tuka ili na xmkd, gi ima istite novosti.. glupo e malku

At 2:14 попладне, Blogger flip rece...

ma lopovluk be...

At 7:08 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

јебеж га....

At 11:45 претпладне, Blogger flip rece...

a ustvari kolku se dobri site tri epizodi....ajajajajaaaaa

At 1:46 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

Igor: Neznam mene nekako mi se mnogu fancy


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четврток, февруари 14, 2008

ПИП Компани д.о.о. (пази иде позер)

Што да ви расправам. Тешка смејурија. Мора да ја просведочите. Нормална ствар е да си го шиткаш газот уште од 90-ти коа стануе збор за скејт, али некој карактери забегаваат. Во исто време, ке морам да пуштам и некој од коментарите објавени на "etnies" блогот во врска со оваа нивна статија/реклама, чисто за да се насмееме ако ништо друго. А, и да видите како функционира нивниот блог, кој според мене е тешко тинејџерско срање. Ајт, love 'm, 'cause you hate 'm so much..

:) etnies blog comments (:

man, what a douche. that sheckler kid is a poser that happens to have skills. skateboarding does not make you a skateboarder, just like riding a harley does not make you a biker. ryan, you are and always will be a total tool, and will never be a real skateboarder...
just a whore for mtv, 17, or whoever else feels like using you for profit that week. may your fame be short lived.
yeah whatever you say kid. Ryan Sheckler is the coolest person in the world so you bette shut up. Okay so I don't acctually know him and know THIS but he seems cool. And Ryan; you should totally make me your girlfriend. I'm on the varsity golf team at my school!
i hope your next girls friend reveals herslef to be a guy and shap your dumb for wanting shecklar, he is obviously the biggest jock and a half. he must be removed from society
Collin Crotta
Like Ryan Sheckles is sooooo cute. Look at his tan and his hair cut hes just soo perfect for me. Hes just the skaterboy of my life. OMG I would kill to have this boy.
these comments make me laugh
shecklers a CUNT
this kid is such a clown, a fucking corporate robot. Suck it you tit.
hi ryan you are the coolest persone i have ever met and insted of dating vanessa you could date me all the boys in my school arent as hot as you so if your free well so am i and im every thing you whant be to be
ok guys ang girl i realy dont think ryan sux but of course i woud say that im a girl who thinks hes hot but honestly i dont think he is a sellout because apperently he wants to skate and just be normal ok as 4 him not being a good skater that is untrue i no a lot about skating even is i cant do a kickflip 2 save my life i still respect the sport i dont care that much on wat u have to say and i dont think your jelouse its just the way u feel but me i like ryan so say somthing about that
Jon Holmberg
I want to have his babies.
Pam Holmberg
Dear Ryan,
My son adores you. He has posters of you all around his room. He's such a faggot. Would there be anyway for you to be able to fondle his small D or just call him your slut?
Mrs. Holmberg
Posting under a false name and or using vulgar/rude language will get you banned from the etnies website.
Sad thing is that you guys seem to think skateboarding is a "lifestyle", but it's really just an activity, a sport, with an industry and a product around it. Anyone who rides as good as Sheckler is a "real skateboarder", how the hell can't he be? The kid has been riding since he was a little kid. He'll still be winning contests long after you've moved on to weed and souping up your Honda. It's too bad all you thugged-out idiots are too busy bailing switch heels down that 3-stair to see that this is good for the skateboarding business!




At 6:29 попладне, Blogger flip rece...

Date me, date me ryaaaaannn...Corporate Robot...HAHAHAHAHA...Totalno PIP.

At 6:23 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

hahahahaha ludilo. PIP rules!

At 1:36 претпладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

hahahaha...kako si lud!vidi so nasol...hahahahaha...ryan i want your babies...hahahahahah

At 3:44 претпладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

hehe, eve dobar, pijan naj, ama kjuti. nego stvarno, amerive se skroz potisnati od industrijava go papaat i glej so komentari pagjaat od sk8neards faci tamu. apstrakcija. mal mikrokosmos importirav cisto posto mi se vide poucen kao eksperiment. ne bi sakal ovakvo podnebje da se instalira tuka, ama koj gi ebe takvite kao mene neli. samo se nadevam. tolku. pozdrav.

At 2:18 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

inace, ima nov link u kupot od desno, pod ime "sk8 videos archive". UK faci sklopile info kolku so mozele za sk8 videa do sea so se snimeni i taka. ova cisto za tie so nikad ne gi gledaat linkovite od desno. za koa neznaesh koe video da go simnesh, dzirni go sajtov, sekoja chest za momcive!

At 3:08 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

ahahah...temava vi e eptem zabegana od realnosta bre.ama aj. so se zamaraat amerikancive tolku okolu nekoe razgaleno detishte so mrsulite do zemja???
bullshit. ostajte go deteto :D
ako saka i lajna neka jade..pa nego ke mu stoi..neka si gleda sekoj za sebe..jbg sea..tipot e zvezda pa mora da se zamara nekoj so nego...se pravat sekakvi gluposti za reklama..ajde pa mozda i vo playboy ke izleze Sheckler po tanga...whahahah
ne sum fan na sheckler...nikoas ne sum go sakal...ne sum fan niti na drugite 'pro' skejteri(iako gi poddrzavam)...ne obozavam nikoj...si gleam samo za sebe..i za najbliskite okolu mene...djabe zamaranje i trosenje vreme na gluposti koa moze vremeto da se potrosi na skejt.

At 8:26 претпладне, Blogger Unknown rece...

Kako nema nekoj avtobus da go udri kopukov neznam, barem od takvo kopiljche da se prostime! BTW iako ne e za toa blogot, sea procitav deka ke ima protest za menjanjeto na imeto od strana na grcija, denes vo 6 saat. I se izvinuvam so otidov offtopic! Pozdrav i bez ljutish

At 11:18 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

Eve sea nesto sto mi izleze od nikade: http://foto.idividi.com.mk/viewphotos.asp?ID=13026

At 10:49 претпладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

umetnik be, so sakash, toa ti e. fotka mu ebem eftina.

At 12:31 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

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At 11:28 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

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At 4:50 претпладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

Hello. And Bye.

At 11:27 попладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


At 8:52 претпладне, Anonymous Анонимен rece...

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